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Thank You!!!

We are sooooo far overdue with a follow-up post to this year's event a couple of weeks back...but it's taken this long to recover and reflect on our 12th year! Our second at Hula  has continued to grow and evolve while we hopefully learn ways to make it better each year. And as always, this would not happen without our colleagues, sponsors, vendors and volunteers who step up each year to help it happen. Our "thank you" post is always long, and we're so lucky to have so many of the same folks to thank year in and year out!

* The raves about the move to Hula continue to pour in, and we couldn't be happier to have made this switch. We couldn't help but think throughout the day about how uncomfortable the humidity would have been for our vendors and guests under an outdoor tent, and we were so happy to have everyone cool and comfy inside!

* The partnership with Hula is made even more awesome thanks to the efforts of rock star event managers @Chlobaka and @emily_osiecki. We never cease to be amazed by the work ethic and calm demeanor on display by both of them each step of the way, and we are so grateful for their support!

* Our amazing team of event colleagues -- Mark Gauthier, Patty McShane, @hcolvin2 and @drewbrwine, along with the entire crew at @vtwinemerchants, who work tirelessly to make sure this event works smoothly and is a positive experience for all.

* Our incredible sponsors including @KeyBank, @Xfinity, @DeltaDentalIns, @VTWineMerchants, @BTVSubaru, Hula, @EssexeResortSpa, @PerformanceFoodservice, @BlackRiverProduce, @SevenDaysVT, @kool105radio, @CYBurlingtonHarbor , @VermontTent, @RivalBrands and @HeyCulligan.

* The culinary talents and good humor of @chefkevd1and @chefbriduff, who turned our Culinary Lounge into an entertaining centerpiece for the day!

* Our friendly, positive and hard-working volunteers, many of whom have joined us year after year and smile through the fun and not-so-fun tasks that they are asked to do. We truly appreciate all of you!

* Our incredible partner wineries, restaurants and specialty food and spirits producer

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